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Hey, lady

You done with your work? Because this dog can’t walk himself. Or maybe he could, but I doubt he’d come back. LADY.


Is it safe to ride a motorbike in flip flops? Yes, he’s wearing a helmet, but wouldn’t he miss his toes given an unseen speed bump? Respect your toes, brah.

Drunken Sailor

I know I’m going to get hate mail over this, but screw it. This perfectly captures what it’s like to live with Marlo.

John and Paul

There’s a room in our house that we’ve turned into a study/library/mail room, and I finally put the finishing touches on the design this week. This is a sneak peek of the color scheme (I’ll go into greater detail next week). I found these at a local antique shop for ten bucks a pop and [...]

Niño pequeño

Smiling even with his eyes. Tyra would be impressed.

Mexico, part two

What I’m about to write probably falls under what is commonly referred to as Too Much Information, but shouldn’t that really be the nickname of this website? You’re probably like, you know what, today was a good day: That Woman didn’t talk about explosive diarrhea. There’s this thing, this phenomenon that happens whenever Jon and [...]


We didn’t have enough room left in the utensil drawer for the strainer. I’m going to leave him sitting there just like that until I need it tonight to steam broccoli.

Hombre amable

Look at the grin on this guy! He was sitting on one of the many motorbikes that people use to get around the island, and when he saw me lift up my camera he lit up just like this. He was so happy to oblige me. I should try an experiment and walk around taking [...]

If it helps you fall in love

Last night LCD Soundsystem played their last televised performance, ever.

Corner of the family room

We are slowly collecting furniture for our family room including this custom chair that was delivered today. Jon is always asking me how I feel about the new house, and I guess I’m having a harder time feeling like it’s home because it’s taking so long to put our individual touches on it. The family [...]