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I’ll forgive and forget

I know, I know, here I go talking about music again, and you’re free to skip this post if you dislike all things AWESOME and MIND-BLOWING and ON THE VERGE OF ORGASM. But I just now discovered this video online and my insides are smiling so wide that my waist just grew fourteen inches and [...]

Plotting my demise

I wouldn’t be surprised if Tyrant spends at least half of his day coming up with ways to screw with me. Last week when someone planning an event asked him if they needed to be prepared for any special dietary needs for me, he responded, “She eats like a horse.” Jon thinks he deserves a [...]

Custom toy portrait

Jennifer Maher of Custom Toy Portraits saw this photo of Marlo’s security blanket and painted this portrait of it, something we can treasure long after the actual blanket has been packed and stored in the basement when Marlo goes off to college. Or to become a professional wrestler. Be sure to check out her portfolio. [...]