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A little aside about time zones

One of the things I was really scared about before heading to the other side of the world was the prospect of crippling jet lag. Sure, there are three different kinds of mosquitos over there and each carries a different disease, and you know, POSSIBLE DEATH! But in the days leading up to the trip [...]


Jon introduced me to a new app called Camera+, and I used that to take this photo (I then used a couple other apps to add the texture). Jon and I were heatedly talking about business this morning, and Chuck hates it when we raise our voices. So he left and in the meantime someone [...]


This is professional photographer Josh Estey, and he lives in Bali with his family. He’s originally from California but has been living in Indonesia for the last ten years doing work for several organizations, including Every Mother Counts on our trip. I loved watching him work because I learned so much. He’s also got the [...]