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Going Boom – the pictures

Like the video of our living room explained, I met the owners of the DIGS website back in January at a conference. A few months after that they contacted me and wanted to know if they could help furnish a room. I hadn’t realized how broad their selection was, and then when I saw the [...]


This is an approximation of the outfit I wore yesterday to speak at the UNI ribbon-cutting (there is a local news piece about it here). I wanted something conservative with just the tiniest bit of edge. Those heels put me at about six feet two inches tall. The view from up there! (You can see [...]

Nine years

Today is our ninth wedding anniversary. Back in 2002 when we got married I remember reading a few snide remarks online about how we’d last less than six months, which made me sad. Not because the remarks were directed at us, but because people had such little faith in love to put that sentiment out [...]