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The story behind the sparkles

I wanted to post the video yesterday of our roof so that it could simmer before I gave you the whole story, and there is indeed a story, what website did you think you were reading? At the end of winter… no. Scratch that. Winter didn’t end until the middle of summer SO THAT’S JUST [...]


I might as well embrace the idea that summer is over. Goodbye flip-flops. Bring on the boots and scarves and hot chocolate spiked with rum. Or maybe just the hot chocolate with rum minus the hot chocolate. Phase Eight stripe dress, £65Low heel boots, $140H M leather handbag, £30COLIÀC MARTINA GRASSELLI antique jewelry, $88La Mer [...]


I’ve been to New York City how many times now? Twelve? Fifteen times? And I’ve never seen the Guggenheim Museum. We drove past it briefly on Tuesday morning and I barely had enough time to take this shot out of the window of the moving car. And it was as magnificent as I always thought [...]