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Chuck does not care that the iPhone has more megapixels than the first digital camera we ever owned, probably because we keep using all these apps to make the pictures look like crap on purpose. HUMANS.

Managing her business

Leta’s new favorite game on the iPhone is one where she manages her own bakery. I don’t know if she’s got the logistics down or if she just loves the pictures of cupcakes, but it’s so cute how she has to pull her glasses down to see it clearly. My little old woman.

I partied with UN Week, and UN Week won

Eight days ago I hopped on a plane headed for New York City. As usual, I procrastinated the packing portion of the program and almost left the house without an adequate amount of panties for the trip. I can see that conversation now: Hey, Christy. Is there a Walgreens nearby? I need to pick up [...]


Whatever Coco is whispering to Chuck must be outrageous!

Dear Tyrant

Someone had a birthday last week and added yet another year to the many, many, many years he has been on this earth. I think he maintains his youth for several reasons including all the pleasure he experiences when scaring the shit out of me.

The story behind the sparkles

I wanted to post the video yesterday of our roof so that it could simmer before I gave you the whole story, and there is indeed a story, what website did you think you were reading? At the end of winter… no. Scratch that. Winter didn’t end until the middle of summer SO THAT’S JUST [...]


I might as well embrace the idea that summer is over. Goodbye flip-flops. Bring on the boots and scarves and hot chocolate spiked with rum. Or maybe just the hot chocolate with rum minus the hot chocolate. Phase Eight stripe dress, £65Low heel boots, $140H M leather handbag, £30COLIÀC MARTINA GRASSELLI antique jewelry, $88La Mer [...]


I’ve been to New York City how many times now? Twelve? Fifteen times? And I’ve never seen the Guggenheim Museum. We drove past it briefly on Tuesday morning and I barely had enough time to take this shot out of the window of the moving car. And it was as magnificent as I always thought [...]

The Good Kind

I mentioned here about a month ago that we were having our entire roof replaced. The inspectors we hired when buying the house told us we could get another good two years out of the beast, but when you’re living underneath a 25-year-old roof that is more flammable than gasoline and a fire breaks out [...]


I got home late last night after everyone was in bed, and when I came in the door Chuck was lying on a dog bed in the family room in the dark. He didn’t move, didn’t wag his tail, didn’t leap up to greet me. I walked over to him, lovingly smoothed back the fur [...]