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Winter honeymoon

Jon and I are in Las Vegas for a couple of days for a speaking engagement and then off to an undisclosed location for a week. Undisclosed? Yes. I don’t want our children to know where we’re going. Because they aren’t invited. And it involves a beach. Talk to their therapist in a couple dozen [...]


“First you’ve got that Tyrant person showing The Toddler how to put her mouth on my head, and now I’ve got this imbecile doing her own interpretation. By the way, did you get my Prozac refilled?”


I caught this tree right at sunset, one of the most beautiful and colorful we’ve had in months. Thank you, winter.

Harder, better, faster, stronger

Yesterday afternoon I started coming down with a cold, probably because this is the perfect time to be sick, what with two conferences and a trip to a foreign country taking place in the next seven days. So maybe it’s my repressed immune system? Stress? The Universe telling me LISTEN, you think you’re going to [...]

We grow nerds

Why yes, she does have a bib with a keyboard printed on it. Why wouldn’t she?

Just below freezing

This week in playing dress-up: Black sweater from Banana Republic Jeans and ring from H&M bought on a trip to New York Boots from Kohl’s Yellow purse from Aldo Crystal necklace, a present from Jon for Christmas Also, I avoid wearing coats when I’m already wearing a long sleeve shirt. I tend to overheat, even [...]

I’d totally be a groupie

Last night we had snacks and drinks with some close friends and inevitably the men all ended up on the couch talking about nerd-related topics while the women corralled the kids and discussed More Important Things: childcare, work, what was Natalie Portman going to wear to the Golden globes? My friend has struggled with the [...]

A change of heart

Here is a grown man showing Marlo how to give a dog a kiss on the head. If this isn’t one of the most marvelous things to behold. Primarily because Tyrant doesn’t like kids or dogs, AND WE HAVE BROKEN HIM DOWN.

Who’s a stinker?


Baby, you can drive my car

Here it is, y’all. A video mashup of you guys driving or pretending to drive and the two flagpoles over here running this website joining in. You know how it is when you hear your recorded voice and you’re like, wait, do I actually sound like that? I get that every time I see myself [...]