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Friday Under Fifty

1. Cassette tape luggage tag 2. Escape™ Luxury Travel & Sleep Mask 3. 7-Day pill pack 4. Pack-it cube 5. GoToob 2 Ounce (3 pack) Travel Bottle 6. SteriPEN Traveler Handheld UV Water Purifier 7. Travel pillow in stripe 8. Petunia Pickle Bottom Glazed ‘Powder Room’ Case 9. Decades of Destinations Passport Cover in Byways


Sorry, guys. There’s no dignity to patch here.

Prepare for landing

Here’s a shot of Queens at sunset right before we landed at JFK last Friday. You never picture Queens as having beachfront property, but there it is.

How I survived the 2011 ING NYC Marathon, part one

Sunday morning I woke up at 4:30 a.m., got dressed in all my running gear (jet-pack? CHECK!), and stuffed my event-approved bag with snacks and a Smurf-blue Snuggie. A what? A Snuggie. You took a Snuggie to the ING New York City Marathon? I took a Snuggie, a six-pack of Bud Lite and a McDonald’s [...]


My mother called Tyrant to give him the good news when I crossed the finish line of the marathon. To celebrate he got a bunch of assorted balloons that have not lost their helium in three days, lucky for Chuck.

Miss Independent

This morning after we all woke up and were about to head downstairs, Marlo approached the top of the staircase and said, “I’m gonna do this by myself.” Then she held out her hand to me and continued, “Here, help me do it.”

Tip number one

If you ever decide to lose your mind and run a marathon for the first time, my first piece of advice is to budget enough time and money (if it’s out of town) to stay an extra day so that you can spend that day lying on your back. Do absolutely nothing. Don’t leave the [...]

This doesn’t even touch on how awful the rest of my body feels

My senior year in high school I broke my ankle during a volleyball game and walked around on crutches for a week until doctors could outfit me with a boot (I’m not sure what its exact medical term is, so let’s just go with Cast That Lets You Walk Around Without Crutches). When you have [...]

Team Every Mother Counts

Here are the ladies on the team who ran the marathon yesterday. Bottom from the left is Karin, Julie, me and Christy. Top from the left is Erin, Amy and Lauren. You guys, I did it. I ran the whole 26.2 miles in 4:48:40. I can barely walk today, and I have no idea how [...]

The finish line

This is the last time I’m going to have time to write before I run the NYC Marathon on Sunday. Yes. After a gentle three miles on the treadmill this morning I decided I’m going to give this thing a go. No, I will not have my head checked. All they’d find in there is [...]