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Channeling Kansas

Last Wednesday night I was in the kitchen preparing dinner when my mom called the home phone, and can I just run my car off of a bridge for a second? The only reason we have a home phone is because we live in some sort of cellular black hole. If you call my cell [...]


The guest room in our house is pretty much my mother’s second home. It’s where she stays when we travel and we need her to watch the kids. So I let her decorate the bed herself. You can’t see from this photo but there are over 600 pillows in that room. She’s not really an [...]


The little one is finally feeling a bit better from one of the worst illnesses to hit the whole family in years. It worked its way through all of us in different forms over the past four weeks, and I’m on the tail end of a seven-day coughing fit. If you’re trying to decide whether [...]