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The last night we were in Mexico I made a point of taking as many portraits as I could of the people on the island. I don’t speak much Spanish, really none at all, so I’d hold up my camera and say, “Yes?” in Spanish, purposefully as a question. Everyone I approached was so nice [...]

Matters of the heart

Starting at the beginning of last week Jon was experiencing a tightness in his chest, one that made it almost impossible to catch his breath. By Thursday his strained stutters while breathing started to really scare me, so I took him to our primary care physician where in the process of asking a few questions [...]

He has something to share with you

But I had to remind him that this is a family-friendly website. He can take that shit to HBO.

Thank you

Thanks to everyone in the dooce® Community who got together and sent us these beautiful orchids. We are blown away by your thoughtful generosity. Jon is at home and doing well, although it was a bit of an adventure at the hospital this weekend, something I will detail later today. Again, thank you. Much love [...]

What if your hometown ceased to exist?

The National Film board of Canada has put together this mesmerizing, sometimes heartbreaking yet celebratory memorial to a mining town in Canada that was once a vibrant community and now no longer exists: Most industry towns, after losing their purpose, attempt resurrections, reinventions, or just slowly wither away. In Pine Point, they decided to erase [...]

The turret in our bedroom

We’re decorating the new house very, very slowly, room by room as our budget allows. First we tackled the office, then the breakfast nook in the kitchen, and then the playroom for the girls. We’ve bought a few things here and there for other rooms, but we haven’t yet tackled any other cohesive designs. At [...]

Lover on a beach

I feel really lucky to have this man in my life and want to thank him for doing the work it requires to be together, for being willing to change and being willing to forgive. Our marriage is a constant work in progress.

Newsletter: Month Eighty-Four

Dear Leta, Last week you turned seven years old. When you were born other parents told us to relish that time with you because in the blink of an eye you’d be seven or eight or nine like their own children. I asked those parents if their seven, eight, and nine-year-olds were sleeping, and when [...]

Belle of the ball

My gay assistant just accused me of turning Chuck into a gay dog. And I was all, dude, you’re perpetuating stereotypes. And he was like, there is no such thing as a gay dog stereotype.

Blue-eyed Bubbles

I guess we should feed this kid more often so that she doesn’t have to resort to eating her upper lip.