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To stave off the Doritos

One of a few diet tips my trainer shared with me when I started working with her over a year ago was to snack on canned tuna (diet here does not refer to losing weight, but instead to eating healthy), and before you go and make that gagging noise that Jon does every time I [...]

Scarf season!

This is his favorite time of year. To plot my murder.

A family affair

Marlo thought Leta could use some help opening her birthday presents. Since Leta used to “help” her cousins open their presents, we didn’t come to her rescue or tell Marlo to back off. Because we’re doing our duty as parents and teaching her about justice.

If Filmmakers Directed the Super Bowl

This is brilliant, and I don’t even watch football (although I would if David Beckham played and they got rid of all the clothing). (via Metafilter)

There are worse ways to spend an afternoon

I developed a taste for beer when I was pregnant with Marlo (quick! call the police! or better! send me a stern email!), had never really been a beer drinker before then. So imagine my delight to discover this Mexican beer which has to be one of the most delicious I’ve ever tasted. And not [...]


This was the dog local to our hotel in Mexico, and since he had one giant spot on his torso that’s what I called him. That I gave him a name infuriated Jon to no end because it showed I was making an attachment to this animal. So I’d coo and call him Spot over [...]

For my girls

The American Cancer Society, a sometimes sponsor of this website, recently asked if I’d bring attention to a campaign they are running called More Birthdays which is basically what it sounds like: doing what we can (finding cures, eating healthier, etc.) in an effort to live longer, to see more birthdays. And since today is [...]

Seven years

Born on 02-03-04, my precious frog baby. Happy birthday, Leta Elise.

Well fed

We watched this stray dog beg for food for about an hour during lunch one day in Mexico when suddenly he walked over to the middle of the beach and barfed what looked like a gallon of fish. He leisurely turned and took a few steps away from the mess only to have a swarm [...]

Mexico, part one

(I am writing this in bed, my back wrapped in an ice pack, my legs elevated so that I might stop screaming. Reality really missed us while we were gone.) Several months ago our friends Kate and Dave asked if we’d like to join them on a trip to Mexico in January, that time of [...]