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Because a trip to South Padre Island is out of the question

Leta’s spring break is coming up, and when Jon and I were brainstorming ideas about what to do he suggested we all go camping. In a tent. With Marlo. I told him that he might as well take a bat and hit me over the head, again and again, and then take me by the [...]

He’s so pretty!

Oh so pretty and witty and gay!

Speaking of illustrations

Leta drew cards for both me and Jon a couple of days ago, and in both pictures Jon’s hair looks like this (he’s on the far left). The sentiment is, of course, awesome and made me hug her extra hard, but add to that Jon’s hair, and… kid is observant.

Remix magic

The other day I stumbled on a remix on YouTube of two songs that led me down a rabbit hole of remixes, and then all afternoon I was like, “Jon, just one more. ONE MORE.” And he indulged me until finally he was like, “You said the last one you played was really, this time, [...]

Can I get a holy crap?

Because everyone who has seen this painting of Leta (original photo here) pretty much utters that very phrase. Or, “How on earth?” Or, “There are no words.” The artist is Kristina Laurendi Havens (her Etsy shop is here), and she sent this with a note that she had been wanting to paint a portrait of [...]


We have these porthole-like windows in our bedroom, and while they are quite beautiful they make it rather difficult to change clothes comfortably. There’s no such thing as an octagonal window shade except maybe a sheet and some tape. Or tinfoil. And I am actively avoiding that urge because this isn’t a dorm room. In [...]

The most adorable thing you will see all day

He’s so sexy

When he gets that look on his face that indicates he’s scared I’m about to do something totally inappropriate.

e custom cards

Erin Human of e custom cards sent me this to honor the tenth anniversary of my website. I don’t think she could have captured us more perfectly, especially when you notice that Jon is wearing Crocs. I just adore this illustration, and I’m going to have it framed and put on the shelf behind my [...]

With fire extinguisher at the ready

One of my resolutions for this year is to cook more, and I know it’s not as glamorous as attempting to taste sixty different species of walnuts grown only in the southern part of Brazil. But I’ve got a toddler who routinely throws her head against the wall and a seven-year-old asking questions like, “What’s [...]