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They drew first blood

This picture is exactly what it’s like to live with Baby Rambo.

The second tooth

Last Thursday night we were all sitting around the dinner table talking when Jon noticed that Leta was fiddling with her loose tooth. The same loose tooth that he has threatened to yank for the last month, causing both her and me to run screaming into the other room where we crouch in the corner [...]

Rocky tops

Every morning as I drive Leta to school I have the distinct privilege of being surrounded by the Wasatch Mountains. It ain’t so bad.

From our corner of the world

To yours, Japan. Utah is keeping you in our thoughts and hearts.


A couple of nights ago I was making meatloaf from a recipe that calls for a half a cup of crushed crackers (BEHOLD: I AM COOKING AND NO ONE HAS DIED. YET.) when one fell out of the package and fell to the floor, immediately splitting into a couple dozen pieces. I called for the [...]

He can’t help it

I tried to get Coco to turn around and face me, but she was too disgusted. Which says a lot considering her daily breakfast of feces.

Kalvin and Kaprice

The creators of these plush toy robots called Kauzbots sent these to Leta and Marlo for Christmas. I love these for so many reasons, but mainly because a portion the sale of each robot goes to a non-profit. Kalvin’s cause (he’s the guy in the back) is homelessness, and Kaprice’s cause is breast cancer. There [...]

March madness

Sunday morning we resumed a ritual we practiced with Leta but gave up once Marlo came along. Because Marlo ruins everything. See how I just came right out and said that? Believe me, when she reads that fifteen years from now I guarantee you her feelings will not be hurt, and instead she will throw [...]


Last night twelve inches of snow fell, and during the storm I had