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Me and that Seventies kid

Thanks to Jon for taking this photo, although it shows you that we let Marlo walk around with her hair like this. I want to dress her in maroon bell bottoms and a polyester shirt with a giant collar. And call her Brian.

New Tunes – Diamond Rings

Diamond Rings is the solo project of John O’Regan, a musician from Toronto who wrote his latest album during a lengthy hospital stay while being treated for Crohn’s disaease, and the album is fantastic. I recommend the whole album called Special Affections, but I love this song particularly because of well, all of it: the [...]

Haunted chandelier

This was hanging inside Bar Tonique in New Orleans just a few blocks from our hotel where we stayed last month. Such a fantastic spot, probably my favorite place on the whole trip. I dearly miss the muggy air. And the lack of snow.

The Camilla Series, no. 5

Cami was born too late to really enjoy fashion in the Eighties. So she celebrates it now. However, I told her she’s not allowed in my house if she’s wearing parachute pants. ONE MUST HAVE STANDARDS. (You can find Cami here: She is a lot of fun and only a little bit weird.)

Featured community question wherein we get to blame our parents

This one comes from member CurlyCat: And the reason I’m featuring it is because some of the responses are just too good. For example, the quip of a concerned mother: …………………………………………………… …………………………………………………… Lesson learned. If Leta does something weird with her hair, the proper response is, “I see you did something interesting with your hair!” [...]

One cubicle over

What with this behavior and that one time Tyrant pretended to feed me my dead pet fish, I think it’s time to sue myself for allowing such a hostile work environment.


This is the face he makes when one of us is all, WHICH DOG FARTED? Totally not him. TOTALLY. He’s just as surprised as we are.

We need an official clown car

Saturday afternoon my friend Cami and I took both girls to get some ice cream. It was an outing that required just the right amount of effort for a weekend afternoon: not too much like chasing a toddler around a park so that she doesn’t impale herself on a fence, not too little like falling [...]

Genus Hydrangea

This is by far my favorite flower (or I guess more accurately, shrub with a flowering head). Jon’s mother had several dozen of these around her home on Mother’s Day, and if you look closely at the petals they each look like they have been individually water colored. You guys, the Earth is awesome.

The Camilla Series, no. 4

Isn’t it cute how she matched her shoes to the shrubbery? I tell you, it’s all in the details. (You can find Cami here: She is a lot of fun and only a little bit weird.)