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Stuff I found while looking around

- You’ll see these and either want to give up photography or be inspired to try harder. – An incredible infographic: take a dive 11,000m down – Could you run a marathon without training? – And this comment wins: And then, I got to mile 26. Keep in mind, that a marathon isn’t 26 miles [...]


Tyrant spent probably five hours spray painting this lamp for the living room, so I thought I should celebrate it whenever I could. And hope he doesn’t sue if suddenly his index finger stops working.

Black & White

As much as I adore those shoes, whenever I see them I want to jump up on a table and shout, “TEQUILA!” Blazer: H&M (similar here) Black v neck: American Apparel White jeans: ASOS Heels: Urban Outfitters Clutch: ASOS Sunnies: ASOS Lipstick: MAC Impassioned (You can find Cami here. Photos by Billy Concha.)

Hair, day eighty-two

I know it seems like my hair doesn’t grow. 82 days?! Shouldn’t I be able to throw it out the window and let a local prince climb it like a rope, up two stories into my room? Where I would promptly slap his face for getting fresh with me? You are ROYALTY, for god’s sake. [...]

On task

Annual job review: excellent work, Coco!

Playing on the iPat

A little under the weather, lounging on the couch with PILLOW! BLANKET! IPAT! “How do you ask for those things, Marlo?” “Please have pillow, blanket, iPat? NOW!“

New Tunes – Delta Spirit

These guys are a five-piece outfit from San Diego, and if I had to describe their sound I’d probably be one of those asswipes who says something like “rock infused with a bit of folk.” But I hate it when people try to funnel something as meaningful as music into something that reads like a [...]


Chuck turned ten years old at some point this month (we don’t know his actual birthday), and finally he’s grown into those ears.

Red line

When she sent me this photo she said, “I need to smile. Couldn’t think of a good name…I just LOOK PISSED!!” Well, so did everyone else in the Eighties who was wearing a zippered leather jacket. Jacket: Thrifted Dress: Doo Ri for Macys Heels: ASOS Metallic clutch (um ya it’s a laptop case but I [...]


Today is Cami’s 24th birthday, and you should probably see what she’s wearing today. That right there is the embodiment of the spirit that we spend years trying to instill in our children and in ourselves, that it doesn’t matter one whit what anyone else thinks. Put on that ridiculous dress because life is fucking [...]