Stuff I found while looking around

You’ll see these and either want to give up photography or be inspired to try harder.

– An incredible infographic: take a dive 11,000m down

– Could you run a marathon without training?

– And this comment wins:

And then, I got to mile 26. Keep in mind, that a marathon isn’t 26 miles long. It is just a bit longer than 26 miles. 26.2 miles, I think. And I stood there, 0.2 miles from the finish line, just angrily squinting down the road at the end. And I didn’t even care. No rush. I could have quit right there, but there was no way my forearms could lift myself over the barricades to get off the course any other way.

365 days of hand lettering. I love personal projects like this (and I love Lisa Congdon).

Guy comes out of closet on Facebook to friends who are entirely too geeky to care.

The Last Thing I Need:

First off, how are these “saltines” still “original” and “premium” if this is apparently an entirely new cracker that has gone out of its way to tell me to go fuck myself right there on the box? Riddle me that, Nabisco dicks.

– NER ALERT: Riker Lean

– The Talks, Jack Nicholson:

I want a big 25-foot pink statue that holds my grave. Or I also might like the way the Indians did it. They hang you up on the top of a tree and the birds eat you.

– A few of my favorite tweets from the last week: