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Look at what I did

Last week I posted a horribly embarrassing harmless photo of my brother and me from 1993 to celebrate his 40th birthday. Did I hope that someone from his work would see it? And maybe pass it around to a few other people because NO WAY IS THAT RANGER? The boy in that photo has HAIR! [...]


Yesterday I took Leta to buy some new sneakers, and after thirty minutes of trying on ones covered in glitter and ones with a built-in ballet rotating thing that, HOLY GOD, they are putting built-in ballet rotating things in kids’ shoes! People. This shit is crazy. Jesus wore homemade sandals and he turned out pretty [...]

Snakey Stripes

Below you will see that Cami has referred to sunglasses as “Sunnies.” I hung out with her this weekend so I made a dramatic gagging noise into her ear on behalf of all of us. Sunnies: ASOS Stripe shirt: Thrifted Leather jacket: Vintage Snake leggings: H&M Black boots: Urban Outfitters Studded belt: F21 Bag: Vintage [...]