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Big sister

This is another one of Kate’s chickens I got to see last week (those lines are chicken wire blurred by the lens of the camera), and as of yesterday she is a big sister to at least three new chicks. I cannot wait to meet the new additions and introduce Marlo to DA BIRDS! Pictures [...]


This has to be another one of my favorites, probably because I don’t think I could ever pull off that much white in one outfit. Sizzlin’. Leather jacket: Vintage (similar here) Blouse: Thrifted White jeans: ASOS Clutch: Thrifted (similar here) Boots: Urban Outfitters Sunnies: ASOS (You can find Cami here. Photos by Billy Concha.)

A study in contrasts

(This post was originally published on October 30, 2007.) I’ve said this before, but whenever we watch my sister’s dog Bo for a few days, we’re reminded of how much our dog really isn’t a dog, or at least how dogs can come with such disparate personalities. Over in this corner we have Bo, a [...]

Puppy nose

When I didn’t have dogs I used to think their wets noses were so gross. And now that I’m a crazy dog person I like to think it’s their way of giving kisses!

Somewhere over northern Utah

The pilot announced we could use our electronic devices right as we were flying over this river, and I got lucky that the shot I took makes it look like it’s pointing at the plane. Having grown up miles from the Mississippi River, I should scoff at referring to this tiny thing as an actual [...]

Central Park South

I had about two seconds of free time when I was in New York on Monday and used that time to snap this quick shot right outside my hotel. This is on 59th street, the road that borders the south side of the park, looking east. That’s also the last mile of the marathon, and [...]

That flat ass body of mine

Back by popular demand: Monetizing the Hate. Any money made by the ads on those pages goes straight to charity, so enjoy! And behold the dregs of humanity.

Casual Mini

I’m pretty sure I bought that sweater in San Francisco and now it’s in her closet. That’s it. It’s official. She’s the conniving little sister I never had. Sweater: Zara (similar here) Neon mini: F21 Heels: H&M (similar here) Bag: ASOS Sunnies: ASOS Scarf: Vintage (similar here) (You can find Cami here. Photos by Billy [...]

A brief pause

Yesterday afternoon I walked out of a building in Rockefeller Plaza to a car hired to take me to the airport in Newark. I’d been up since 5AM, and although I normally don’t notice the two-hour time difference I climbed inside and collapsed against the door. I could feel my body shutting down, starting with [...]

Jungle Poodle

I was actually with her when she bought a couple of these items, and when I saw them in the store I could hear them singing out to her. They were out of tune and hoarse, but I COULD HEAR THEM. Floral top: H&M (similar here) Pink jeans: F21 Heels: ASOS Necklace: F21 Bag: Thrifted [...]