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Last night at Marlo’s birthday party when family members asked her how old she was she held her hand up just like this. You can see she’s trying to get that middle finger up there, she just doesn’t have the hang of it yet. Hey, at least she’s not holding up just her middle finger. [...]

Jean Jump

For some reason that kimono makes it seem like she’s about to enter a boxing ring. That’s what we need: a reality show where fashion bloggers show up and start hitting each other in the head with their five-inch designer stilettos. Kimono: Vintage (similar here) Jean jumper: Urban Outfitters (similar here) Heels: H&M (similar here) [...]

Newsletter: Marlo turns three

Dear Marlo, Today you turn three years old. This morning after you screamed, “MOM!” fourteen different ways, sometimes turning it into a two and three and seven syllable word, I finally got out of bed to go get you from your crib. You had your stuffed puppy wrapped around your head and wouldn’t look at [...]

Party hat

When someone in this house celebrates a birthday, EVERYONE participates. Don’t worry. We didn’t leave Coco out. She posed as the model for the custom piñata we had made.


Today Marlo turns three years old. All those limbs came tumbling out of my body at 1:53 AM on June 14, 2009. I’m just now starting to get my equilibrium back.

New Tunes – Local Natives

I was bouncing around some music blogs and playlists earlier this week when I came across this song and something about it crawled into my ear, down into my my belly and exploded. I didn’t even realize until I had listened to it for two straight hours that I saw Local Natives perform as an [...]

Picasso lake

Looking through my photos I found this one I took just after takeoff on my way to New York a few weeks ago. The periphery of The Great Salt Lake looks like it can’t decide if it wants to be water or land, and the effect is a piece of artwork. I fly so much, [...]

Turban Days

Every time Cami shows up to my house with a turban on (yes, she owns more than one) Leta usually says, “Um, Cami? You have something on your head.” And I’m like, Leta, at least it isn’t a dead animal. Dress: Urban Outfitters (similar here) Heels: Threadsence Purse: ASOS Turban: Vintage (similar here) Sunnies: ASOS [...]

Neck nuzzle

I currently have a crick in my neck that is so paralyzing I’m starting to feel physically ill. I was looking through some of the photos I’ve taken recently and forgot that I had the camera on when the dogs were wrestling. The position of Chuck’s body and the look on his face are exactly [...]

You can’t rush it, not when you’re making homemade bread

Marlo is turning three years old this week, and I’ve mentioned before that she has a bit of an obsession with stuffed animals, specifically puppies. I serendipitously stumbled onto this video and I can’t wait to show it to her because it combines two of her favorite things: a birthday party and a dog. Wait [...]