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New Tunes – Cat Power

Cat Power (Chan Marshall) is by no means a new artist, but this is the first album of original material she’s put out in six years.


You’re not going to find a more precisely accurate miniature Australian Shepherd anywhere. She is it. She’s the measurement.

Working on our skill sets

Monday morning Marlo slept in late enough that I was able to get the dogs outside and pour myself a glass of orange juice before the madness set in.

Reading nook

If he had opposable thumbs he’d be sitting here flipping through a dog-eared copy of The Journals of Soren Kierkegaard.

Red Booties

“I just got back from NYC so I’m wearing no makeup, no jewelry, and I’m just letting those babies have some breathing room. I’ll post about NYC this week!”

Stealth mode

This is Tyrant and Dane at the Avenues Street Fair on Saturday talking with someone about emergency preparedness certification?

"Pray I will and sing I must, but yet I weep"

Vice President Joe Biden commemorated 9/11 in Shanksville, Penn. today. Before running the transcript from the speech he gave, Talking Points Memo contributor David Kurtz talked about the side of Biden that makes him “cut him a lot of slack for his som…

Botanical photographic prints

The Miles of Light Etsy shop specializes in prints of curated botanical collections.


Ok, yes. This is so effing twee. But I saw some fashion bloggers adding these little bokeh accents to their Instagram photos so I had to check it out. I found an app called Bokehful that makes it really easy to add this touch. And the hearts? Would Chu…

Assigned seating

Go ahead. Send me condescending email taking me to task over the fact that Marlo is still sitting in a high chair.