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Welcome to Armstrong Inn, part three

Last week my friend Anna Beth flew in from Louisiana to help me put the finishing touches on the guest room. We spent a couple of days driving around like crazy looking for some final pieces, and she may or may not have referred to it out loud as a “wild dooce chase” and I [...]

The Blues

It’s a hump day and a leap year. And yet, she doesn’t need either excuse to get away with this. Trousers: F21 Striped blouse: F21 Blue Heels: H&M Fur: Vintage Clutch: Asos Sunglasses: Vintage (You can find Cami here. Photos by Billy Concha.)


Tyrant bought a cake for the website’s birthday, and I won’t repeat what he said when he brought it home and showed it to me so that we don’t have a lawsuit on our hands. Just that, he was not pleased with the person who did the hand-lettering on the icing. I imagine that person [...]

Dear Daughter

With everything that has been going on in my life (let’s see, hm… how’s 2012 been for you? Yeah? Cool.) I forgot to mention that I have a book coming out in April. How does something like this slip one’s mind? I’m not sure. You ever use a purse so much that it gets a [...]

Pardon, but…

… would sir desire an intelligent dialogue?

Arths and craths

This is making stuff: scribbling, coloring the table, cutting paper into hundreds of pieces. We could call it what it really is, making a huge effing mess. But look at that dimple. It’s all a pleasure to clean up.

Eleven years

Today is the eleventh birthday of this website. Some of you have been reading since the beginning, since I was single and living alone in Los Angeles working as a web designer, back when I thought that children might not ever be a part of my life. Remember when you could drop someone off at [...]


Am I going to cough? Sneeze? Clear my throat? Because all of those actions will send him sulking out of the room. Humans and their annoying nasal passages!

Black with pastels

I hadn’t seen Cami in a couple of weeks, so she came up this weekend to hang out with me and Marlo. It might as well have been a visit from Santa Claus, because when I went in to get Marlo on Sunday morning, she looked up at me, frowned and said, “But… where’s Cami?” [...]

Out there

Leta has piano lessons on Thursday nights, so I drop her off and wait outside in the car. It’s a nice break at the end of the day to sit there alone listening to music. Last night the sky delivered this treat while I sat there with my head against the window.