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Welcome to Armstrong Inn, part two

Today I’d like to give you guys a peek at the unfurnished guest room and have a little fun while doing so. (FUN. WE NEED SOME FUN AROUND HERE. AND SOME HOT DOGS. Marlo! I’ve got an assignment for you!) You left so many helpful comments about what makes a home away from home for [...]

Monty Python

She is about to go searching for the Holy Grail.

2.2 miles to go

Had I been paying attention during the marathon I might have caught this view across Central Park but I was otherwise preoccupied with the pain in my knee and broken foot. Fantastic to be back and see it WHILE STANDING STILL.

View from a hotel

Listen, listen, listen

You see that look on her face? She knows what you’re thinking. Yes, you. Floral dress: vintage Black cape: f21 Shoes: thrifted Owl clutch: vintage Colored bracelet: f21 Gold bracelets & gloves: thrifted Lipstick: MAC: Impassioned (You can find Cami here. Photos by Billy Concha.)

You’re not a girl

And that does not make you look like a doily. You look like you’ve got a commode on your head.

Hair, day thirty-eight

I promise I took this at a stop light. There was no photographing while driving or texting or Instagramming or Words WIth Friending, none of that. I was focused solely the disappointment that the person in the car ahead of me didn’t allow me to egregiously run that light. FOILED!

New Tunes – Geographer

This isn’t necessarily new (the band has a new album coming out in a couple of weeks) but I only just discovered it over the weekend while finishing up some work. And it got inside my head and wouldn’t leave and I’m still humming it three days later. But that’s okay. It has made itself [...]


He’s saying a little prayer that Marlo doesn’t decide that it’s her turn next. Pray hard, Buddy.

Coffee cup

What? Look. I know you hate Valentine’s Day. Me, too. You know that means? We both need a swift kick in the ass.