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You say potato

For lunch today I threw a sweet potato into the oven, and as I was letting it cool down Marlo walked up to my seat and flashed me the dimple on her left cheek. Had she asked right then I would have totally bought her a pony. Screw that. An island. I would have bought [...]


Little pink stars along a dirt path in the mountains. Summer in Utah is why I live here.

Maxi Dress & Blazer

CLEAVAGE! What? That’s the first thing YOU thought, too. Maxi dress: Urban Outfitters (similar here) Blazer: H&M (similar here) Heels: Urban Outfitters (similar here) Clutch: Vintage (similar here) Sunnies: ASOS Necklace & bracelets: Susan Hanover Designs (Enter DOOCE at checkout for 50% any purchase until July 31) (You can find Cami here. Photos by Billy [...]

Stuff I found while looking around

My thoughts go out to everyone in Colorado affected by the horrific events in Aurora last night. You are in my heart and I will hug my children a little longer today to honor your loss. Much love to you. The following is just a bunch of stuff you’re welcome to browse if you’re looking [...]


A snapshot along a hike, the source of inspiration for my middle name.

The Frank Show

This is a tale about a young boy who has been tasked to bring someone from his family to show-and-tell, and the only person available is his grumpy Grandpa Frank who complains a lot, prefers things the way they used to be and has a totally bum hip. Everyone else in class has someone interesting [...]

For me?

If one can’t have a monkey butler, then a dog butler will have to do. He even remembered that chocolate is my favorite.

Thirty Seven

Where do I even begin with this? We can start with, WHO LETS THEIR THREE-YEAR-OLD STAND ON TOP OF THE KITCHEN TABLE? Apparently, the future Avon World Sales Leader, that’s who. So for those of us who may have accidentally turned around at the grocery store and slammed our child into an end cap full [...]

Creature of the night

Last night was the second night in a row that Marlo attempted to stage a coup. She tried to get out of her room three different times, and after she figured out she could turn on her light I had to go in and unscrew the lightbulbs. In terms of fun, this is right up [...]

Lace on Lace

Three pops of my favorite color. An early birthday present. Dress: Urban Outfitters Lace coat: Vintage Heels: Urban Outfitters Clutch: ASOS Sunnis: ASOS Bracelets: Susan Hanover Designs (Enter Dooce at checkout to get 50% purchase until the 31) (You can find Cami here. Photos by Billy Concha.)