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Tuesday’s Top Pick

I love the design trend of mounting fake animal heads on walls primarily because they look so majestic and nothing has to die to make it happen (see the hand-carved wooden Ibex I have in the living room which is probably my favorite object in the house next to the stick I use to poke Marlo). I adore these colorful resin pieces from White Faux Taxidermy and would love to fill a wall with a selection of different animals. So much easier than loading your gun and heading out into the woods and then lugging it back to your truck. And so much more merciful!

1. The Leonard – Black Resin Moose Head $109.99

2. The Penelope – Turquoise Resin Deer Head $129.99

3. The Alejandra – Pink Resin Deer Head $129.99

4. The Ludwig – Black Resin Tiger Head $109.99

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