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See? Babies

Spoiled Utahn dogs seeking relief on the terra cotta tiles.

In celebration of snail mail

To get you reacquainted with your friendly postal carrier.

North Shore

The soundtrack to this landscape is, “I’m melting! I’m melting!”

Signs of a real dog

Do not even think that this is adorable or cute or sweet, no. Don’t even.

It’s not even August and already we are armed

Weathering a heat wave with the help of my family and that which turns Marlo into a Golden Retriever.

Castle Hill

Oh, you know. Just having some tea with The Dollangangers.

PB & Chuck

He is daring you to take him seriously.

Somewhere over western New York

We are so excited that we can tweet from planes and our kids will grow up, time travel back, watch us do it, and make the jerk off motion.

This does not ever get old

Happy Fourth of July, you guys. This is for you.

An advantage to setting the bar so low

Everyone who knew me in high school is thinking, “If only your kids could have seen you THEN.”