• mustangtanya

    iPhone cramp: White people problems.

  • Greg

    Where did this post go? I read it and it just ended so quickly without an ending I feel. Quite a bit of your posts lately have made me feel that… where was this post going? I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.

  • kmpinkel

    I don’t understand, because really in my mind I am soooo stinking funny and my followers? A whopping 17! 17 of the, obviously, smartest humans on the planet, but still, 17.

  • Heather Armstrong

    Sometimes my writing is totally stream of consciousness and today that’s where the voices told me to stop.

  • Heather Armstrong

    And it’s the hand that I had tattooed with the blood of aborted dolphin fetuses.

  • http://muchtomydelight.com/ Jenn from much to my delight

    Physical therapists are reporting a new form of tendonitis called “texting thumb”. If I ever text so much that I develop this condition, everyone I know has permission to punch me in the face.

  • CB

    Hey Greg-

    Here’s an ending for you: “Suck it.”


  • Jen Wilson

    That is so awesome.

    Also, eight days away from your phone? Sounds like quite a fantastic holiday. :) I have a tingly sensation that comes on the top of my thumb/index finger when I touch the mouse pad thing on my laptop and the screen on my phone. It’s the weirdest thing. I probably need eight days away from technology.

  • Greg

    Hey CB, how about you suck it. I didn’t find my comment rude nor did I mean it rude, just an observation.

  • CB

    I was just offering an ending. Lighten up. It’s your choice to critique her publicly…. I was just offering an observation of my own. I thought your comment was douchey and that’s my observation.

  • Kate H

    So glad I am not the only one. Sometimes my hand (and brain) hurts too much to type a text, so I actually call the person to say what I want to say with my, like, actual voice, and they are always surprised: “Why are you calling me? On my phone?”

  • issascrazyworld

    People still write checks?? Heh.
    I was out all of last week and I’m having trouble with all of it right now. I think I need more phone/computer breaks.

  • Randianne

    Sometimes I wish Al Gore would break the internet he invented and that simultaneously all cell phones, tablets, and computers would stop working. Some people would call that the intro to a bad zombie novel, but I’d call it a vacation.

  • Greg

    I didn’t ask for an ending from you, though. This is a comment section afterall, if Heather didn’t want opinions she wouldn’t open them. Correct?

  • moxiemichi

    I didn’t get an iPhone (an old 3GS, I might add) until three years after I started serving black SSD-receiving customers – most of whom had iPhones in one hand and their Direct Express card in the other.

  • http://fathermuskrat.com/ muskrat

    You know I’m a workers’ comp attorney in “real life” right? Of course, I’m only licensed in Georgia…

  • http://idealistmom.com/ Kelly @ IdealistMom.com

    Maybe Lance’s mom was using his account that day.

  • Suzanne

    I work part-time from home and my husband is a teacher. During the summer months, while he’s home, my hours sharply increase from a half a dozen a week to almost full-time. By the end of the two months, I can barely move my fingers. I feel like an idiot for complaining about it, but that doesn’t stop me.

  • DeborrahC

    Yeah. It’s like having sex with no orgasm Heather. WTF is the point! LOL

  • DeborrahC

    They need to report on “game controller thumb” and “PlayStation Eye Pop” which is what you get from staring at the computer screen with wide open eyes for hours on end.

  • DeborrahC

    Georgia? That doesn’t even count as an attorney dude.

  • Mari

    Setting aside the credibility anecdotal “evidence,” who are you to judge how someone spends the benefits to which they are entitled (and which, in most cases, they earned by paying taxes or, you know, sacrificing for their country)?

  • Mari

    Should be: credibility of your anecdotal “evidence”

  • Renee

    Lance is known for writing messages to his followers. He’s messaged several friends of mine. Guess he doesn’t have much else to do these days.