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Baby, it is damn cold outside

For those of us stuck in this ongoing, never ending, ball-freezing cold front.

What? Who? Me?

The look that says he knows he did something wrong but he’s not sure why it’s so wrong.

A peek inside my playground

Here are the two apps I use to edit almost every photo I post to Instagram and which of their tools I like best.

Our man in Washington

UGH. Why he gotta be so ambitious?

For her

Looking this over, I kind of wish my closet was this organized.

A year in landscapes

Snapshots of Utah every month for a year.

On the hill

On the drive to bring someone a warm meal, several long hugs and some company for hours of ugly crying.

Even he’s confused

We practice political correctness in this household especially when decorating the dog.

Dedication to Jacmel

A snapshot of the paradox of Haiti’s gorgeous Caribbean landscape.

For him

I could always toss out the trademarked Holiday by Heather advice and tell you to hand him your credit card and hit the nearest mall. But what if he’s color blind? What if he gets lost? What if he brings back clogs?