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DJ Chuckle Buck

I cannot count on both hands how many people who have said they have this song stuck in their head this week.

Past the Mission

Not bad for a photo taken from the back seat of a car.


This blog used to be so much better when a) I was single b) I was married c) never

Fine art

I’ve been meaning to hang some artwork over this bench since I moved in.

The Commission Project

An early but oh so perfect recommendation for a holiday gift idea.

The tourist shot

Oddly, of the 1700 times I’ve been to San Francisco I’ve never been here.

This isn’t Kansas anymore

No, it’s not the Bahamas, but you do not see me complaining one bit.

Stuff I found while looking around

This week’s link round up a few days early.

What say you, cat?

It’s not just me who can’t resist seeing what this feline will let me get away with.

Conversations in the car

Hopefully Leta will use what she’s learning and pursue a career that requires an inhuman amount of patience.