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Saying goodbye to July

I am proclaiming this month a success. I think my children would agree.

My first experience with monsters, otherwise known as “babies”

What complicated situation in my life has the Avon World Sales Leader NOT solved?


He is so lucky that I am not an avid crafter because I’d have a room full of shit like this.

A little experiment

Would you look at what the dog dragged in.


One of the only shots I got of this howling water dog when I thought I would walk away with hundreds.

Tried and tested

Crowdsourcing my friends for ideas to experiment with my hair. Sadly none of them are polygamists so tips for elaborate French braids will have to wait.

On Durphee Lake

The silhouette of more summer memories in the Midwest.

You signed on the dotted line

Choose your battles, name them one by one.

Five more minutes

The daily ritual before camp rendered in black and white.

Because I love punishment

Do not shake your head at me, I am doing it right this time.