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Inspired by a month of birthdays

I can count on more than two hands the number of friends and family who have birthdays in July, and yes, sometimes at the last minute a gift card will do. But you can never of wrong (at least if your friend or family member is a girl) with a quirky set of salt and pepper shakers. I have about six sets myself, and the ones I don’t use in the kitchen are placed on shelves as decorative accessories. All of these especially would look good placed next to a stack of Very Intellectual Books or that collection of design magazines that you refuse to throw away. Or, you know, go ahead and season your grilled chicken. I am not the boss of you.

1. Kate Spade New York Daisy Place Set $30

2. Shopbop Feet Set $26

3. Retro Blue Glass Set $13.95

4. Baum Galaxy Set $9.99

5. Mud Pie Aluminum Whale Set $16

6. Olde Thompson Milk Bottle Set $8.99

7. Nostalgic Set $6.50

8. Rae Dunn by Magenta Cellars $18

9. Espana Boca Geo Fish Set $10.99

10. Hug Set $32

11. Wobble Set $48

12. Kate Spade New York Charlotte Street Set $30

13. Westland Giftware Magnetic Elephants Set $11.49

14. Diner Style Set $22.95

15. Jonathan Adler Santorini Set $48

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