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Stuff I found while looking around

Because I can’t and won’t be done talking about it. Another hat tip to Kelly.

Her dawg

Coco is her best friend, and she is Coco’s job.

Thanks, I needed that

You’ll never forget your first cold slap.

It twirls

The fancier of my two children in all her fancy glory.

The dog whisperer strikes again

Would you look at the adoration on that dog’s face.

My girls

Today my heart comes home to me with all its lanky legs and arms.

“Much as water can be taken for granted by a fish”

Guilt is a pretty useless, ineffectual emotion. Guilt is not what I feel when coming to these realizations. In fact, I feel duty.


Chuck remembers Southern California, and he could definitely roll.

The Downing Tote

Not nearly as big or unwieldy as my Granny’s purse, but she’d slow clap for me and tell me I’m moving in the right direction. And then she’d see how hard she could hit one of her kids over the head with this thing.

Photobombed by a palm tree

Greetings from the Inland Empire where oddly I got very in touch with my Southern roots.