Second Christmases

The girls return today from visiting their father in New York for Christmas. It has been a very long and introspective ten days without them, but when I think about those parents whose children are not with them this season and will not ever return I am forced to examine my fortune, the physical bond and proximity I have with my girls that I cannot for one day or hour take for granted.

Leta was especially torn this season thinking she had to choose where to spend the holiday, but we assured her that there wouldn’t ever have to be a choice. The idea of two Christmases helped ease her worry, and tonight Santa Claus visits for a second time. Well, hmm… Let me explain why I pause. Santa will be visiting Marlo tonight. Leta already had some hesitation about the existence of this bearded chimney sweep, but it all came to a head when her teacher told her class something along the lines of, “You do know your parents are all lying to you about that, right?”

I am still laughing out loud at that. I may be in the minority when I admit that I like his sense of humor and am not one bit irritated that he made that statement. Leta laughed when she recounted it to me, so I know all her dreams and hopes were not dashed with that thundering clatter of truth.

From our family to yours, may you continue to enjoy a happy holiday.