16 Candles

Sunday evening Jon and I along with my sister and her five kids joined my mother and step-father for a late afternoon protein-packed lunch to celebrate the installation of my mother’s new kitchen countertops. My mother being the eternal optimist that she is (or, denialist, if there were such a word to describe someone with [...]

The Type of Post That Makes Me Feel Somewhat Relieved that I Have Disabled Comments

Last Saturday night we went over to my sister’s house to see her for the first time in a couple weeks, and the first thing she said to me, very loudly in front of all of her children and six of my visiting aunts and uncles and cousins was, “Ohmigosh, my little sister has boobs!” [...]

The Loni Anderson Effect

So I’m on the phone with my father last night, and it is reiterated to me as it was throughout my childhood that the two most important things about a woman are her boobs and her cooking. And so I turn to Jon, my darling husband, and I say, “It’s always the same with him, [...]