Feeling mod

Changing it up this season and embracing my inner hen.

Can you resist the allure?

As we make our way through my closet Chuck is becoming more cooperative and ever more fabulous.

Another footie

Stopping long enough to admire the workmanship below my feet.

The place to embark

If a picture of yourself is a selfie, then I guess these are called footies?

Bring on the May flowers

The end of the endless April showers.

Made for walking in the two feet of snow in my driveway

The winter boots that I’ve had for eight years failed me over the holidays. Time for a new pair.

When the snowstorm won’t relent

Those adorable little suede flats you own won’t survive the twenty feet from the front door to your car.

Boot camp

As much as I loathe cold weather, I much prefer my winter wardrobe over my summer one.