Triumphant, temporary return

If only Coco would show the slightest bit of emotion.

Dog hacks

Oh, look who decided to wander out of his basement lair and grace us with his presence?

Ever watchful

If only everyone could love their job as much as she does.

Taking the world by storm

If this had been photographed in the Eighties that would be a Cabbage Patch Kid perched on his nose.

A quick scrub

I’d tell her to stop, but that’s what he wants and I’m punishing him for farts.

Morning herd

After being let out of their crates, having breakfast, and using the backyard as their personal lavatory.

If you blinked you missed it

The girls’ coat closet is full of giant winter jackets they haven’t needed to use so I needed a place to store their other winter gear.

Into the afterglow

Drive to the night, far as it goes, away from the daylight…

Fabric softener

He barely survived the rinse cycle but, wow, does he smell good now.

Spring showers in winter

The weather pattern that just keeps on giving. (Sorry, Carol!)