This open road in front of me just got a little bumpy

Yesterday was one of those bad days that merits a misery ranking comparable to the thirty minutes after my water broke in the delivery room when I thought the baby was going to come out of my body via my back teeth and knees simultaneously. When Jon got home from work I had him fix [...]

He can’t handle the truth

Yesterday a friend left a message on the phone reminding me to take my vitamins. I called her back and left her a message that yes, indeed, I had taken my daily multi-vitamin, and not just because it cures cancer. I once heard an expert say that although Salma Hayek doesn’t ever exercise she does [...]

If only there were a category for Sappiest Weblog Entry of the Year

One of the most terrifying moments of my life was walking into our bedroom the afternoon we came home from the hospital, two days after giving birth to Leta. I was stitched up to my chin, but the physical pain paled in comparison to the shocking realization that I was now The Mother, that there [...]

You be well for me

Last week my sister’s neighbor committed suicide. He was the father of four children, the oldest being 11, the youngest being 3, and his wife found him in their bedroom where he had hanged himself. I am telling you this because when my sister told me about it yesterday I almost hit the floor. That [...]


The first therapist I ever saw was in the rainy Memphis February of 1993, a month after my first boyfriend broke up with me. I was somewhat upset about the break-up, particularly when I found out that he had been telling his friends that the only reason he wanted to go out with me was [...]

The Other Side

I find it hard to describe just how hard it is to take care of an infant day in and day out without a break on the weekends. It’s just not something you can understand unless you’ve actually experienced it, and I like to refer to parenthood as “being on the other side.” It’s like [...]

Unlocked Part Two, or, On That Open Road in Front of Me

(I wrote this Sunday night while I was still in the hospital) Being in the hospital is strange if not incredibly boring. There are only two televisions for a group of over 30 people and the channel is always turned to the Olympics. I have nothing against the Olympics, in fact I find the cute [...]


NOTE: Heather asked me to type this in as an entry. She wrote this this morning and handed it to me today when I brought Leta in to have lunch.–Jon The first thing I need to say is going to be very sappy and gross and some of you may be in danger of puking [...]

Heather, interrupted

I wish that I could tell you that the reason you won’t be hearing anything from me in the next several days is because we’re right on the verge of launching the redesign. And we are, I promise, we’re right there, just a few more MT plug-ins and some tweaking on the templates and we [...]

Side Effects May Include Miscommunication

Yesterday Jon returned to work after several days of government-sanctioned Family Leave to watch over me as I tried a new round of hard core, side effect laden drugs. I’m not going to be specific about which drugs I have tried or the ones I am in the middle of trying because I would inevitably [...]