Bespectacled buddies

Bring it on, cold weather. We’ve got blankets, movies and a positive attitude that is totally going to work.

What say you, cat?

It’s not just me who can’t resist seeing what this feline will let me get away with.

The better to humiliate you with

Another trip to the thrift store, another Elton John costume.

Elton Dog

“Mars ain’t the kind of place to raise your kids, in fact it’s cold as hell.”

Sans glasses

My beautiful second born being indulged just a little bit.

Glorious in glasses

Counting my blessings, especially the nearsighted ones.

Six eyes

Because daily life isn’t realistic enough.

And so it is

Someone got a new deadly weapon that she can wear on her face.

A preview

Four eyes are better than two.

Someone needs to see an eye doctor

My kids did not inherit my eyesight.