View from a workout

Silence except for me catching my breath for the first time in fourteen minutes and 39 seconds.

Early evening in the nook

The view while eating a bowl of Lucky Charms for dinner.

And the unpacking continues

Bringing more order to my life with the help of Jonathan Adler.

Reading nook

Where I will be sitting when I finish the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy.

Salt Lake City Design Camp

Anna Beth Chao is coming to Salt Lake. You should be very afraid.


Yeah, I know. I have enough coffee table books to whack an army…


Tyrant spent probably five hours spray painting this lamp for the living room, so I thought I should celebrate it whenever I could. And hope he doesn’t sue if suddenly his index finger stops working.

Welcome to Armstrong Inn, part four

So. Do you guys want to see the final reveal of the guest room, or should I ramble like an idiot for a few paragraphs first? You want the idiot part? Aren’t there like 6,000 pages of that on this website already? No, 6,000 is not an exaggeration, I AM LONG-WINDED. Seriously, this website has [...]

Convex star mirror

I have an obsession with sunburst-style accessories (if you do a search on ebay you can find the coolest clocks), so when I saw this relatively new piece ($49) at West Elm I ordered one immediately. I already own this sunburst wire wall art piece that they sell. Makes the interior feel just a bit [...]

Hidden is our stash of gay porn

A month ago I was the winning bidder for a mid-century modern dresser that I had found on ebay, and last week it was finally delivered. This is only the third thing I have ever bought on ebay, and the only piece of furniture. The first thing I bought was a pair of tickets to [...]