By the light of the screen

I won’t call it Purple Haze because I will be deliberately misunderstood and oh, the email. From my mom.

Wel-deserved screen time

From “Arabesque” and “Sound of Madrid” on the piano to something a little less technical on the iPad like “Candy Island,” “Toca Builders” and “Hair Salon.”

Whatever she’s having

Leta has no concept of the vastness of what she means to this kid.

One instance in which the future looks exactly like it was supposed to

Nearing the maximum of my cellular data plan and one very good reason to buy a bigger one.

After school snuggling

A little screen time before she practices her concerto.

Frying her brain

I had to put my foot down and tell her to stop reading so many damn books.

Making a case for technology

An independent study showing that all those other independent studies can suck it.