Road rage

Jon and I are driving around running errands when we get stuck in traffic on 13th East, a two-lane road that serves as one of only a few ways to get to the I-80 freeway from inside the city. A mini-van that not two seconds ago had aggressively swerved left to try and cheat its [...]

The art of the inappropriate

Today when we arrived to pick up Leta from school we noticed that she was standing silently next to the teacher to the side of the playground, her face hanging in melancholy. We entered the gate, approached the two of them, and since her teacher could tell that we were a little apprehensive she immediately [...]

On home improvement

Since posting this photo of the wall of frames in our kitchen last week, I’ve been asked numerous times if I would explain how we got it to look like that, all balanced out and straight and even. It was not an easy project, and I hesitated to undertake it because Jon becomes notoriously grumpy [...]

Still a decade older

Today is Jon’s 42nd birthday. During the first winter that Jon and I lived together in Los Angeles, our apartment was heated by a single, tall gas unit built into the living room wall. Which meant that it got really cold sometimes in the bedroom. Jon was always turning the heater up as high as [...]

Because they needed something else in common

Leta is watching GEORGE! watch ESPN when Jon walks in, braces himself, and tells her that they have to go run errands while Mama stays home to get some work done. Leta’s head erupts into spontaneous flames, and the bottom half of her body collapses prostrate across the coffee table. This is exactly what she [...]

Soul mates

“I read some article today about bottled water, and it said that if we paid as much for tap water as we do for the water we buy at 7-11, that most people would have a monthly water bill of over $9,000. I am not proud to be a human.” “Do you not remember when [...]

A man, his dog, and his truck

Wishing they made Zoloft Gum

Yesterday Jon woke up in a cloud of grumpiness, and as we all ran madly through the house trying to get ready for a dentist appointment, that cloud quickly became more of a thunderstorm raining down grapefruit-sized grumples on the windshields of our morning. We had a lot to get done yesterday, mountains of those [...]

Renewing our vows

Jon and I are watching the national evening news when they air a story about a severely injured soldier who returns from Iraq to his loving wife. She spends months by his side to help in his long, agonizing recovery, and the final shot fades on her hand as she grips his now deformed arm. [...]

The beginning of a thrilling suburban weekend

My mother volunteered to take Leta Friday night and keep her through the following afternoon so that Jon and I could have an evening out and go snowboarding. This happens somewhat frequently, and it is at the top of the list of reasons that we love living here. I get asked that a lot, how [...]