Balboa Beach

To gluten or not to gluten while eating on a pier at the beach.

Punching their cards

Another zen moment to remember on mornings like these when dragging two girls out of bed who do NOT want to go back to school.

Tanzanian sunset

One way in which I catalog my travels.

Low tide

Watching out for sea urchins.

Stone Town

The final hours in Africa filled with winding alleyways, gorgeous beaches and sweat dripping from every part of my body.

Big Bird

When you can sprint up to 43 miles per hour, why would you even need the ability to fly?

Oh, you know, just an elephant in the wild

They informed me at the airport in Tanzania that my suitcase was WAY too heavy for the plane back home.

On trend

No big deal, I made eye contact with a zebra and saw straight into its soul.

Among the Maasai

That sound you hear is a complete lack of access to the Internet or a cellular network. It rivals angels singing in harmony.


This guy was very difficult to fold up and fit inside my suitcase.