New Tunes – Of Monsters and Men

These guys are a six piece indie folk band from Iceland, and this is an album that I listen to on repeat, from beginning to end and then back to the beginning. I love it when that happens with an album, that magic and fire I feel right before I hit the play button. Here’s [...]

New Tunes – Delta Spirit

These guys are a five-piece outfit from San Diego, and if I had to describe their sound I’d probably be one of those asswipes who says something like “rock infused with a bit of folk.” But I hate it when people try to funnel something as meaningful as music into something that reads like a [...]

New Tunes – Geographer

This isn’t necessarily new (the band has a new album coming out in a couple of weeks) but I only just discovered it over the weekend while finishing up some work. And it got inside my head and wouldn’t leave and I’m still humming it three days later. But that’s okay. It has made itself [...]

New Tunes – Chris Bathgate

The theme of a lot of the therapy I’ve been doing for myself lately is getting to a place where I embrace my emotions instead of feeling guilty about them or shoving them off to the side so that they don’t cause problems. My therapist is like, feeling crazy? Go crazy. Feeling sad? Cry. Reclusive? [...]

New Tunes – Gotye

Oof. This song just shoved me down a flight of stairs. Gotye (pronounced “gore-ti-yeah”) is a Belgian-born Australian artist named Wally De Backer. Give it a chance at least until 1:35. (Many thanks to Leslie for the heads up.)

New Tunes – Apparat

Yesterday I told you that I workout to Enrique Iglasias and you broke up with me. I understand. Maybe you’ll reconsider when I send you a love letter with the help of Sascha Ring, an artist out of Berlin who goes but he name Apparat (he looks exactly like what would happen if Thom Yorke [...]

New Tunes – When Saints Go Machine

This is a four-man electro-pop group from Copenhagen. I can’t find much information on the band, but I guess it doesn’t matter when this music is this damn fun. Here’s the video for the same song:

New Tunes – Youth Lagoon

Youth Lagoon is one Trevor Powers, a 22-year-old college student from Boise, Idaho who spent most of 2010 writing songs about the things in his life that he found it difficult to talk about out loud. He suffers from extreme anxiety, and the process of writing this music helped him articulate what he was feeling. [...]

New Tunes – College

Jon and I caught a showing of the movie Drive (starring Ryan Gosling) this weekend, and whoa. Whoa is the only thing I (or Keanu Reeves) will tell you about it. Well, one other thing: the soundtrack is insanely good, a total homage to the Eighties. I want to go see this movie again and [...]

New Tunes – The Kooks

These guys are a four-piece indie pop band from Brighton, England, and that fact alone means that had they been around when I was in college I would have plastered their posters all over my walls. They released a new album called Junk of the Heart a couple of days ago, and this song is [...]