Newsletter: Month Thirty-nine

Dear Leta, Last week you turned thirty-nine months old. The last four weeks of our lives have been some of the most stressful you have ever known, more stressful even than that one time you were watching an episode of Sesame Street and thought Andrea Bocelli was trying to kill Elmo. We moved into a [...]

Newsletter: Month Thirty-eight

Dear Leta, Yesterday you turned thirty-eight months old. We celebrated by eating a lot of ice cream which is not much different than how we celebrate every day, let’s be honest. I’m sure we’re breaking all sorts of rules by letting you eat ice cream as frequently as we do, but I don’t really care [...]

Newsletter: Month Thirty-seven

Dear Leta, A few days ago you turned thirty-seven months old. I would have written this earlier but I have been in bed for four days with the worst sinus infection I’ve had in years, and it’s tough, tough work watching from the bed as your father takes care of everything, I AM NOT RELISHING [...]

Newsletter: Month Thirty-six

Dear Leta, Over the weekend you turned three years old. Happy Birthday! We had been telling you for a few weeks that your birthday was coming soon, and on Saturday morning when you woke up I told you that it was finally here, that three years ago you came screaming into this world as CNN [...]

Newsletter: Month Thirty-five

Dear Leta, Yesterday you turned thirty-five months old. Mostly good news to report this month, and I could spend the next seventeen paragraphs singing opera about how you’ve suddenly started eating food. There was of course the occasional lunch or dinner you wouldn’t eat, and also that one time you threw up bean-coated twizzlers — [...]

Newsletter: Month Thirty-four

Dear Leta, Yesterday you turned thirty-four months old. In the last few weeks you have forged a remarkable relationship with your five-year-old twin cousins, my sister’s youngest children, Noah and Joshua. I say remarkable because the possibility of you getting along with the two of them seemed almost as unlikely as my sister and I [...]

Newsletter: Month Thirty-three

Dear Leta, A few days ago you turned thirty-three months old. I’ll go ahead and jump to the part where I talk bout your eating habits as at least one paragraph per month must be used to document your personal scientific experiment, the one where you prove for the first time in human history that [...]

Newsletter: Month Thirty-two

Dear Leta, This week you turned thirty-two months old. This month you took your first plane ride, or at least the first one that counts. The other first plane ride of your life happened two years ago, but there’s no possible way you will ever remember it, and no possible way I could ever forget [...]

Newsletter: Month Thirty-one

Dear Leta, A couple of days ago you turned thirty-one months old. I’m pretty damn glad this month is over, to tell you the truth, and not because of anything you have done. In fact, you are probably the one thing that has pulled our bodies through the thick mud of the last few weeks, [...]

Newsletter: Month Thirty

Dear Leta, Yesterday you turned thirty months old. For the past few weeks you have enjoyed nothing more than chewing a piece of gum. Sometimes it is the first thing you ask for when you get up in the morning, a piece of gum, and I have been trying to use your fascination with gum [...]