For you occasional reassurance

He is very soon headed to the salon, and they really need to pay attention to his cuticles this time.

This one is ripe for some caption in white Helvetica

Very rarely do I use the flash on my camera, but there are certain instances when it is required.


“Chi son? Sono un poeta. Che cosa faccio? Scrivo. E come vivo? Vivo. In povertà mia lieta scialo da gran signore rime ed inni d’amore.”

PB and J

Yet another moment in a very necessary recurring series.


Occasionally I like to reassure you that sometimes I pay attention to my dogs. This is one of those instances.

Delicious peanut butter

“Hey, you put your chocolate in my peanut butter!” WHO APPROVED THIS COPY?

La la la la!

This is the reason peanut butter was invented.

El perro

No quiero taco bell esta vez.


You couldn’t get a more perfect set of ears if you used pipe cleaners, a spool of tape and a wind machine.


If your turn to the blogging handbook on page 14, just ignore the whole second paragraph.