You get what you get and you don’t get upset

Here I am talking about farts and I am not happy about it. Not one bit.

Thus spoke the travel clinic, and I kind of paid attention

Antibiotics! Vaccinations! Potentially harmful long-term medication! Preparing to travel abroad is like a giant frat party inside your immune system.

I could just post this photo and it would tell the whole story

The soundtrack to this is dueling banjos and the thud of a wad of chewing tobacco as it hits the ground.

The old man and his pee

One problem, two problems, three problems, more.

And lo, the house was christened

Oh no, here I go again. Won’t someone please stop me?

This is what is wrong with mommyblogging

Have you ever met a three-year-old? Horrible people. Little deranged convicts.

Wet dog

Somebody found a rotten substance in the backyard and thought it would be a good idea to cover his entire body with it. I expect this sort of behavior from the idiot dog, not the one who reads poetry when he takes his tea in the sitting room.
click ima…

You peed! In a cup!

A few weeks ago I mentioned here that Marlo has started holding her poop (here we go!), and since then things have not progressed as much as I would have liked them to. She isn’t yet approaching me politely and asking, “May I be excused to eliminate my bowels, Master?” So, you know. I have [...]

A Story About Someone Else’s Ass

(While I’m out of the country, I’m reposting some content from my archives. This one was originally published in the fall of 2004. I thought we’d play a bit with the Boone theme.) Last week I had a huge portion of my extended family in town for the wedding of one of my cousins, perhaps [...]

Fun for everyone in this one!

Last night while both kids were crying and simultaneously not eating what we’d made for dinner, one of the dogs puked something all over the new rug in Leta’s room. I say something because I finally learned to stop trying to figure out what it is. That information is never rewarding. You’re never like, GOD [...]