A quick scrub

I’d tell her to stop, but that’s what he wants and I’m punishing him for farts.

Morning herd

After being let out of their crates, having breakfast, and using the backyard as their personal lavatory.

Today my presentation…

Yesterday she asked me if fifth grade is going to be harder than fourth grade and I pretended to black out so that I could change the subject.

If you blinked you missed it

The girls’ coat closet is full of giant winter jackets they haven’t needed to use so I needed a place to store their other winter gear.

Post-it poems

I get to write off my kids’ artwork because they keep stealing all my office supplies.

Into the afterglow

Drive to the night, far as it goes, away from the daylight…

Fabric softener

He barely survived the rinse cycle but, wow, does he smell good now.

Wel-deserved screen time

From “Arabesque” and “Sound of Madrid” on the piano to something a little less technical on the iPad like “Candy Island,” “Toca Builders” and “Hair Salon.”

Window seat

A marvelous surprise I found on my phone, and yes, it is now safely archived on two different hard drives.

If you love someone

A portrait of parenthood in one tiny hand.