While Leta rolled her eyes over and over again

Someone threw her own princess party, and did she ever throw it down.

Lunch break

We all make trade-offs, and theirs is rather reasonable.

Sweet little towheads

Long distance friends who share a bit of the same flare.

Dog days

Is yawning really contagious? We’re about to find out.

Grade K

She wasn’t so sure about this milestone today, and the glasses kind of hit that message home.

Sweet and senile

I guess this is what happens when you’re in your sixties.

My smirking Butternut

Shades of Daisy Hamilton are surfacing.

Choir director

All of this before 7AM. Life is so very wonderfully full.

Executive assistant

My coworkers on their ten minute break from making it impossible for me to get any work done.

Fifth grade

The grind begins again. Where in the hell did the summer go? And when did my baby get so big?