Marlo and Ella

A free built-in babysitter who is handling the most difficult among us with relative ease.

Daddy’s girl

A skeptic turned into a zealot.

Busy hands

In the hectic hours leading up to a vacation away from home. Marlo is currently screaming about some injustice and I am currently ignoring.

Simple pleasures

Soaking in the heat of early July, my favorite month of the year.

Mandolin rain

“You don’t know what you’ve got till you lose it all again.”

My beautiful destroyer

She’s a living, breathing paper shredder, one that can disfigure rubber balls and canvas and various metal objects.

In summer!

I really do hope that the title of this post gets that song stuck in your head.

Water dogs

Where there are cheddar goldfish there is also my first born dog.

Ongoing progress

Seizure Watch 2014 continues and the good news is that Chuck is exhibiting no bad signs.

A haircut in photos

One of the best things about having girls is getting to do things like this with them. I will pull up this post in the future when all of our periods sync up.