Castles and gardens and ponds

There’s got to be a support group for parents whose children are addicted to this game.

In honor of old friends

He’s now back to his brooding and contemplative self, but for a few days he had lilt in his step.

Baby G

It’s fine. I baby proofed that table with some turpentine.

Another flashback

Since I’m going through old folders of photos, why not one of the Former Congressman.

Flashback Friday

My little baby Bobo, innocent and perfect in every possible way.

Smarter than a fifth grader

On behalf of all her classmates who probably whittled down seven pencils each trying to figure out that math problem.

Oh, that’s right

Just one of the many items in her impressive arsenal.

For your weekend

He never knew how adventurous his life would be when that woman dropped him off at the ASPCA all those years ago.

Beautiful contradictions

One tiny exchange that exemplifies what it is like to live with this kid.

Mirror mirror

Changing up the decor a bit is clearly upsetting the locals.