the smell of my desperation has become a stench

Allergic to costume season

Marlo: “What’s your costume going to be for Halloween, mom?!”

Me: “You’re pretty enthusiastic about that question, kid. I’m going to dress up as Marlo’s mom.”

Marlo: “That’s not a costume! You should be a witch.”

Me: “Wherever did you come up with that idea.”

Marlo: “You’d look great as a witch!”

Me: “Do I even need to put on a costume for that?”

Marlo: “Just grab a broom and ride it around like it’s a horse.”

Me: “I’ll repeat myself: do I need to change what I’m doing already?”

1. Bean’s Interlock Mock-Turtleneck $22.95

2. Apple iPod, 1st Generation $196.99

3. Hugo Boss Leather Inlay Belt $65.80

4. Fruit of the Loom Cushioned Crew Socks $10.99

5. Moto Authentic Mom Jeans $70

6. Birkenstock Arizona Two Band Sandals $100

7. Miss Selfridge Wool Fedora $50

8. Distressed Moto Jacket $59

9. Crossback Button Up Top $87

10. Seneca Crossbody Leather Bag $295

11. Frye Ruby Chukka $194.99

12. Stretchy Skinny Jeans $15.18

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