Stuff on my dog

He’s lucky it’s not the toaster. Or the microwave. Or a free-standing copper bathtub.

Winter is coming

Every direwolf needs a pair of warm pajamas.

Seasonal work

Oh, look. I bought pumpkins. He didn’t see this coming at all when I pulled it out of the grocery bag.

Office supplies

At the top of the list of things that need to be refilled THANKS MARLO.

Recycle, reuse

This is what happens when a college student lives in your basement.

PB & Chuck

He is daring you to take him seriously.


Would you look at how excited this dog is about living with kids who bring home new toys.

Avocado season!

Yes, paleolithic humans ate guacamole. It says so in the Bible.

The doctor is in

Former congressman, doctor, asshole. He wears many hats.

A little disco

No prop goes unused.