Can you resist the allure?

As we make our way through my closet Chuck is becoming more cooperative and ever more fabulous.

To commemorate my relationship with wildlife

If you’re looking for a incremental way to improve your daily life, Chuck has something for you.

My dapper dude

Conveniently this scarf also acts as a handy modesty patch.

“Zonal sandwich mesh”

This year I resolve to have Chuck model much more of my daily wardrobe. He’s going to love all my sports bras.

Even he’s confused

We practice political correctness in this household especially when decorating the dog.

To terrorize y’alls neighborhood

He thought the holiday was finally over but he was terribly mistaken.

He totally deserved it this time

Oh, do you look like an idiot, Chuck? Yeah? Well you should have thought about that before being a total jerk.


The dog with the lightweight, breathable and washable posture support brace.

Stuff on my dog

He’s lucky it’s not the toaster. Or the microwave. Or a free-standing copper bathtub.

Winter is coming

Every direwolf needs a pair of warm pajamas.