Avocado season!

Yes, paleolithic humans ate guacamole. It says so in the Bible.

The doctor is in

Former congressman, doctor, asshole. He wears many hats.

A little disco

No prop goes unused.


He’s slowing down and becoming a downright grouch.

Important reminder

Coco is going to need important health services soon!

Cracked wheat

This is how I get rid of all the carbohydrates in my cupboard.

Cranberry salad

An exceptional imitation of canine taxidermy.

Little bow peep

Crafting? No. Bow-tying. Not the same thing. Do I know the difference? Of course not.

Christmas night fever

I love my mother but, dear Lord, that woman can be a total looney.

You never know

This could totally be the girl you met online and started sexting.