Just singing

I’m going to memorize every song in that movie so that I can rotate through them all at drop off.

In which I may or may not be

Design inspiration from maybe or maybe not feeling a certain way from a certain thing.

Feeling Fall

From the thesaurus app: consolation, comfort, solace, freedom, liberation, deliverance, release.

Color me black

Somber, perhaps, but all in an effort to brighten things up.

The beginning of heavy textbooks

And now I have the soundtrack to Dora the Explorer stuck in my head.


Because I am the valedictorian of dropping phones.


Uh, oh. As if we needed more drama up in here.

Buckle Up

I want someone to turn that jacket into a Snuggie and wrap me up like a burrito.


Cami, the zipper on your purse is open. I think the act of telling you this is exactly the same…

Smirky, Sassy, Classy Sequins

Yes, sometimes Cami puts something on and you’re like SHE IS PROOF THERE IS LIFE ON OTHER PLANETS.