Small changes

As you wait for that IKEA couch to die a slow, agonizing death.

Just singing

I’m going to memorize every song in that movie so that I can rotate through them all at drop off.

In which I may or may not be

Design inspiration from maybe or maybe not feeling a certain way from a certain thing.

Feeling Fall

From the thesaurus app: consolation, comfort, solace, freedom, liberation, deliverance, release.

Color me black

Somber, perhaps, but all in an effort to brighten things up.

The beginning of heavy textbooks

And now I have the soundtrack to Dora the Explorer stuck in my head.


Because I am the valedictorian of dropping phones.


Uh, oh. As if we needed more drama up in here.

Buckle Up

I want someone to turn that jacket into a Snuggie and wrap me up like a burrito.


Cami, the zipper on your purse is open. I think the act of telling you this is exactly the same…